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Darren Stephens and Dr. Barry Kaufman interview Shana East and Jackrabbit Pollack of TPR about The People’s Convention in Philadelphia this July.

WWBSD Podcast #47 — Tactics of Distraction

Recorded May 5th, 2016. The overlords of the corporate media have cast their final judgement–it’s Trump vs Clinton in the general election. Shouldn’t Bernie just bow out gracefully and allow these two to have at it? Shouldn’t we allow the Democratic Party to use Trump to petrify Establishment Democrats into supporting Clinton and shaming progressives into “uniting” with the party against Trump. Dr K. says no to both ideas and exposes the tactics of distraction and coercion employed by the Democratic Party and their media.

Remember when Maddow and the rest expressed disbelief regarding Bernie and his campaign’s accusations of money laundering against the “Hillary Victory Fund”? We have the proof of the collusion between the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, and the illusion that the money raised is going to help downballot candidates. So THIS is the progressive candidate who is going to fight for campaign finance Reform?

Also in this podcast: an interview with Shana East and Jackrabbit Pollack of The Peoples’ Convention, which will be convening in Philadelphia prior to the DNC convention in July. The Peoples’ Convention plans to ratify a Peoples’ Platform, with the aim of influencing DNC convention outcomes and laying the groundwork for a national grassroots movement. They will also be lobbying Bernie’s presidential campaign to collaborate with the grassroots in order to help build and sustain the political revolution.

Speaking of people… Hey, PEOPLE! Don’t back down! Join the political revolution and Feel the Bern!

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