the people's platform

The People’s Platform

Please view our current platform plank drafts or contribute your feedback here.

The People’s Convention will be occurring July 23rd, 2016 in Philadelphia from 10am to 5pm. One of the central goals of the event is to ratify a People’s Platform of policy issues. Those issues are:

  • Getting Big Money Out of Politics
  • Racial Justice
  • Income and Wealth Inequality
  • Climate Change
  • Healthcare for All

The People’s Revolution is an experiment in radical democracy where we are asking the public to take an active role in their governance. To that end we opened up voting on which platform issues would make it to our final People’s Platform. Almost 800 people voted on which of these issues were the most important to them and these 8 were the result.

What’s a Platform?

A Google search reveals this:


  1. a raised level surface on which people or things can stand.
    “there are viewing platforms where visitors may gape at the chasm”
  2. the declared policy of a political party or group.
    “seeking election on a platform of low taxes”

While the first definition is aptly symbolic of the People’s Platform (something that raises people up and allows us to ‘gape at the chasm’ between what we want and what our representatives focus on), technically our platform is the second definition. The People’s Platform is being crafted as way for all of us to hold government accountable to our demands.

paradox leads a monkey chant
When we work together in concert we can do incredible things.

Americans have become disconnected from the political process; the People’s Platform aims to emphasize the interdependence of issues which may appear to be separate and to redefine the people’s relationship to government. It provides a blueprint to what a better world looks like and a list of demands we can expect our politicians to support. If they don’t support the policy we clearly lay out for them, they can expect to face challenges on the street and in the ballot box.

We elect politicians to represent our interests, but when is the last time we felt any of those 8 issues were being addressed in a meaningful way? These are the things we want our leaders to focus on, but they’re not paying attention.

Now, we can inject ourselves into the political process because we’re going to have a platform of our own.

Now what?

We are assembling individuals and organizations to write the eight planks of our platform. The writing is expected to be complete by June 30, at which time the platform planks will be posted on our website. If there is more than one platform plank we will have the plank voted on by the public to determine which 8 will make it to the final platform to be ratified in Philadelphia.

We are developing a tool which will allow folks to submit their own platform planks though our website. Till that is ready please send your proposed planks to

At The People’s Convention in Philadelphia in July, the planks will be discussed, debated and ratified as The People’s Platform. The platform will send a strong signal to politicians about what we want them to focus on, and they will know that they will be held accountable for their votes and positions as they relate to the People’s Platform. Then we will be able to clearly see who truly represents The People — and who does not.

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