A Revolutionary Change in Participatory Politics

A demonstration of democracy designed to harness the momentum and influence of the grassroots movement on the eve of the DNC.

PHILADELPHIA 6/28 — In the run-up to the 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC), campaigners and delegates for Bernie Sanders are harnessing the momentum of the candidate’s grassroots-powered movement to push for a revolutionary change in participatory politics.

On July 23rd, organizers who aided Sanders’ electoral insurgency say people from across the US will converge at the Arch Street Meeting House (320 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA) to vote on and ratify a People’s Platform of issues that are most pressing to the country’s civic health, including:

• Getting Big Money Out of Politics / Electoral Reform
• Racial Justice
• Income and Wealth Inequality
• Climate Justice
• Healthcare is a Human Right

The People’s Platform was created by over 800 participants who contributed their ideas and voted on which issues were most important to them via a web-based poll.

Campaigners and Delegates Play a Key Role

Bernie Sanders campaigners and delegates are playing a key role in both organizing The People’s Convention and presenting the ratified People’s Platform at the DNC Convention.

“The grassroots army that pushed Bernie to the top of the polls isn’t stopping now,” says Sharon Sanders, a delegate who will bring the People’s Platform to the DNC. “We’re building on Bernie’s vision to send a strong message to politicians of both parties: you are accountable to the people.”

The lead organizers for The People’s Convention are two Chicagoans who played a major role in generating grassroots support for Sanders. Shana East is a founding member of People for Bernie, co-founder of the volunteer-run Illinois for Bernie, and was a staff member of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Illinois. Jackrabbit Pollack is a founding member of Interoccupy.net who has provided logistical support for groups fighting for racial justice such as SURJ, Ferguson Action, and Movement for Black Lives. He worked as one of the core members of People for Bernie and co-founded Illinois for Bernie with partner East.

“The People’s Platform is a blueprint for what a better world looks like,” says Jackrabbit Pollack. “At The People’s Convention, you’ll see real democracy in action. We are fighting to bring that spirit to Philadelphia and beyond.”

MEDIA IS WELCOME TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. Please note: there is not room for large cameras to be set up inside the building. An outdoor space is available for members of the press who want to bring cameras.

For more information on The People’s Convention, see the project’s website, read an interview with Jackrabbit Pollack via In These Times, and visit the event’s Facebook Page.

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