The People's Endorsements

The People’s Endorsements

Make a statement of support for the work we’re doing together; please endorse this project by entering your name and occupation / organizational affiliation below. When you’re done with that please take part in our social media campaign about why we need our own convention.

Endorse our convention

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Chanda Masta from Sequim
We want our government back.
Ruth Rudin from Whitewright,Tx
Cashier,Wal-Mart. Hedgewitch,Treehugger,Socialist
Ruth Rudin from Whitewright,Tx
Cashier,Wal-Mart. Hedgewitch,Treehugger,Socialist
Mara Bard from Baldwin, NY 11510
Research Scientist, Retired, Bernie volunteer.
Boris Dirnbach from Philadelphia
We need Bernie's Political/People's Revolution but it has to be nonviolent. Knuckleheads who resort to violence play into the police strengths and MSM's talking points that we're hooligans.
Mel Bussey Silverman from College Corner
Self-employed dog trainer and Bernie volunteer!
Barbara Toomey from Sandy Hook
Nina Turner from Kuna, ID
The People are ready for a better world!
John Relyea from Macon, Ga
Inga from Jensen
Rock on!
Debra Bradshaw from Windsor
James McGinley from Washington
If you stay anti-violent, exercising only tough loving, I stand with you. Anti-violence, tough loving, is the only Revolution. Everything less is more of the same.
John Daniels from San Francisco
Shawn Adams from Pueblo
Believe it's time we take our Country back.
Kate Martin from Butte, Montana
Human Being, American, Bernie Supporter & #OurRevolution Member
Steven D Searls from Penfield, NY
Every good revolution needs a great convention.
charlotte scot from Old Lyme
artist/Bernie volunteer/idependent
Margaret Viers from Albuquerque
Retired teacher
Libby Parker from Rockford
Retired, Bernie volunteer
Gene Combs from Chicago
Psychiatrist/family therapist
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