The People's Endorsements

The People’s Endorsements

Make a statement of support for the work we’re doing together; please endorse this project by entering your name and occupation / organizational affiliation below. When you’re done with that please take part in our social media campaign about why we need our own convention.

Endorse our convention

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Arlys MILLS from
The varied voices of the people are being drowned out by corporate money. I spend time in Florida where our coastal cities may soon be drowned by the rising oceans. We need to be heard.
Esther Allman from Frankfort
Retired educator who firmly believes that America is on the wrong path and that we, the people, must take a stand against the Oligarchy.
Stephen Crilly from New Port Richey, FL
End big money in politics now. Stop the TPP/ISDS.
B. E. Murphy from Park Forest, IL 60466
Kudos to 2 brave, hard-working Bernie political revolution activists. Thank you!
Sandra Lewis from Chico
Grandmother, US Navy Vet, retired teacher, very small farmer, at poverty line. Still defending my country. Bernie all the way.
Tyler Polston from Haverhill, MA
Get involved and be the change!
Tamara Brenner from Chicago area
Rachel Cohn from Ossining, NY
yalonda dye cooper from flint
Thank GOD we have someone to inspire us.
Carol McDonald from Taos NM
Sheila Ruth from Catonsville, MD
Marguerite from Eugene, OR
Gloria Origel from Modesto, CA
Human being, Reiki Master, I AM here to reclaim my Power & join the Revolution!!
Peggy Thomas from Mesa, AZ
I'm a Text 4 Bernie volunteer!
ignasi orobitg gene from sabadell
to join efforts
Dianne Fowler from Port Huron, Michigan
Delegate for Bernie CodePink Peace Activist Quaker Peace Activist Anti-War Activist Anti-Hillary Activist Bernie or Bust
Mixay Lay Vongnarath from Bethel Heights
Arthur Z Schwartz from New York
Delegate pledged to Bernie Sanders - NY
Robert Desmarais Sullivan from New Orleans LA
Matthew Arnold from Caldwell Ohio
retired public employee, union activist, Bernie all the way!
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