5/29 Call Follow Up – Newsletter

This is what democracy looks like

Great call last night folks.

Smooth and tight, despite a couple technical glitches and drop offs. As someone on the call said, “it all became clearer.”

Here at The People’s Revolution we strive to be as interactive as possible, and were glad to hear more specific questions on the call, which we were happy to provide the answers to.

Connections are being made by folks all around the country. That is incredibly important, because the consensus across so many different groups is that in order to show our true strength – we have to come together.


If you missed last night’s call, you can download the recording here.
Here are notes taken from the call (thanks so much to our notetaker Jessica!) and the textpad folks were chatting on using our social webinar.


Your support is the only thing that will make The People’s Convention in Philadelphia on July 23rd a reality.

Whether it is 5 dollars or 5 hours, do not underestimate the importance of your contribution to The People’s Convention. Donate or volunteer now to support the political revolution.

If you share our vision for a more democratic country but can’t donate, please share our donation link far and wide via social media and your personal networks. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Next to your direct participation as part of a working group, this is where you can make a significant difference in helping this project come to fruition.


Starting June 8th, we will be providing a weekly conference call service exclusively for delegates attending the DNC Convention.

This call will be a place to self-organize in advance of the convention, as well as share information about the convention itself.

If you are an elected, PLEO, at-large or alternate Bernie delegate and would like to join the call and/or if you would like to assist with recruiting other delegates to the call, please contact: shana@thepeoplesrevolution.org.


The People’s Platform will be a set of policies written by people like you and ratified at The People’s Convention. We are looking to individuals and grassroots organizations already doing work in these areas to craft these policies. A poll was distributed earlier this month, to determine the first set of policies that will be worked on and the results were:

  • Getting Big Money Out of Politics
  • Racial Justice
  • Healthcare for All
  • Climate Change
  • A Living Wage
  • College for all and Student Debt Relief
  • Income and Wealth Inequality
  • Electoral Reform

We’re excited to already be working with a number of folks representing a wide range of grassroots organizations, but we’re still in need of more help.

If you’re interested in being a part of developing any part of the platform, either through writing or research, please fill out this form.


It is of the utmost importance for folks to join The People’s Revolution Slack team, as much of our coordination takes place using this fantastic communication tool.

Slack is a messaging platform that many grassroots campaigns use, and you can access it via the web or even download the app onto your phone! It is very simple to use.

Please join us for a FREE Slack tutorial on Sunday, June 5th at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific time, where we will walk you through using the app step-by-step and answer any questions you might have. After this tutorial, you will surely be a Slack whiz! You simply need a phone and computer with internet access to participate.

Register for the webinar here and invite your friends to join via Facebook here.

If you are not yet on The People’s Revolution volunteer Slack team but would like to join, please email: jack@thepeoplesrevolution.org. You will then receive an email invite to join the team (so keep on the lookout), and check your junk/spam folders in case you have already received one!


Thanks so much to Brianna Jones from DNC Action Committee for being on last night’s call. We’re excited to have received their official endorsement of The People’s Convention. With everything that is going on in Philly surrounding the DNC Convention, it is important to have a central hub of information that people coming into town can reference. Keep in touch with them here.


Our next national call is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific time. Please share the call registration link and share/invite folks to the Facebook event here.

If everyone pitches in just a little to get the word out via social media and your personal networks, we will have a much more robust team of volunteers and facilitators on hand for this event.


The People’s Convention is an incredibly ambitious undertaking that will require immense people power to coordinate. If you have time to help out, here are some ways to get started:

Make sure to check your junk/spam folders and that you can receive emails from shana@thepeoplesrevolution.org

Make sure you are on Slack if you signed up to volunteer, as that is where much of the project coordination is taking place.

  • Organization solidarity:

If you are affiliated with an organization, union, club, etc. who is interested in participating in The People’s Convention by sponsoring, endorsing or collaborating in any way, please fill out our Solidarity Form

We can’t do this without your help. Please make a $10 tax-deductible donation today to help make admission to The People’s Convention FREE of charge (a true “People’s Convention”!).

Thank you very much for your work. We’re grateful to be in this with you. See you on Slack!

In solidarity,

The People’s Revolution

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