National Call Recap – June 26th

Is it just me or are these calls getting more compelling… and more powerful?

There’s only 26 days left until our People’s Convention in Philadelphia on July 23rd! This means we need to have a laser focus on making sure the preparations are in place to make this historic event the best it can be.

No pressure… but the country is counting on us all to step up.

Why is that?

Events leading up to next month’s DNC Convention have shown us that establishment politicians are not going to get the job done. The most immediate concerns we face as a country can’t wait for solutions to trickle down from the top. It is our job to do the work to reclaim our democracy from the grassroots up.

That’s why we’re building The People’s Revolution. We need you.


If you missed Sunday night’s call, you can download the recording here.

Here are call notes taken by Denise and another set from Emily G. And here is the link to the textpad where folks were chatting on our social webinar. Many of the links and information from the call can be found there.


Your support is the only thing that will make The People’s Convention a reality.

If you are planning on attending, we need you! There are many volunteer roles that need to be filled on July 23rd. If you want to have a hands-on role in making the Convention happen, please fill out this form to let us know where you are interested in plugging in and helping out.


Let the world know why you think we need a People’s Convention. Join our latest social media campaign. Download our template and print it out. Then write (with black marker) why you think the people need their own convention. Get someone to take a picture of you holding it and send it to us We’ll post it to our Tumblr blog.


We’re not being financially supported by any large, national organizations. There are no millionaire benefactors funding this effort. We know it probably seems like we have a bus-load of elfen activists helping us out, but the truth is: we have a handful of dedicated team members and very little money.

We still need to pay for food, supplies and printing costs, and we’d like to expand to other rooms in the building (with increased programming). That’s only going to happen if we get your help.

Whether it is 5 dollars or 50, do not underestimate the importance of your contribution to this project. Make your tax-deductible donation now to help support the political revolution.


We’re happy to announce that we have t-shirts for sale (at cost) featuring The People’s Convention logo designed by our very own Jackrabbit. Men’s and Women’s sizes are available, and we’re celebrating democracy by allowing you to pick your own shirt color!


The People’s Platform is a set of policies being written by people like you, and its initial planks will be ratified at The People’s Convention. The folks who are directly affected by issues have a stake in seeing those issues resolved as effectively as they can be. That’s why we’re turning to organizers and grassroots orgs already doing work in these areas to craft these policies.

We’re excited to already be working with a number of folks representing a wide range of grassroots organizations including: Bill McKibben, Democracy Spring, Student Labor Action Project, 99 Rise,, African Americans for Bernie, Move to Amend, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, Popular Resistance, Break Free Midwest and more.

Please view and comment on the plank drafts here by July 10th.


Thanks so much to Javier Ruiz from Pilsen Alliance for being on Sunday night’s call.

We invited Javier to the call because of the great work his organization is doing at the local level. They hold local politicians accountable through civil disobedience and by running their own candidates in local elections.

We’re excited to receive their official endorsement of The People’s Convention. Please check out their website for more information on how they are fighting to get big money out of politics.


The People’s Convention is an incredibly ambitious undertaking that will require immense people power to coordinate. If you have time to help out, here are some ways to get started:

  • If you will be in Philly for The People’s Convention, and want to help out that day, please fill out our day-of event volunteer recruitment form


Our next national call is scheduled for Sunday, July 10th @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific time. Please share the call registration link and share/invite folks to the Facebook event here.

If everyone pitches in just a little to get the word out via social media and your personal networks, we will have a much more robust team of volunteers and facilitators on hand for this event.


We can’t do this without your help. Please make a $10 tax-deductible donationtoday to help make admission to The People’s Convention FREE of charge (a true “People’s Convention”!).

Thank you very much for your work. We’re grateful to be in this with you. See you on Slack!

In solidarity,

The People’s Revolution

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