Meet The Team

Shana East, pro-democracy organizerShana East is a grassroots organizer located in Chicago, Illinois. Last year she began her foray into electoral politics, working on Chuy García’s mayoral campaign team. She then went on to be a founding member of People for Bernie, before co-founding the volunteer-run Illinois for Bernie and The People’s Revolution along with partner Jackrabbit Pollack in summer 2015. More recently, she was the Illinois Digital and Volunteer Coordinator on Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

rabbit-profileJackrabbit Pollack is a founding member of, affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement. In 2012, he participated in the grassroots disaster relief to hurricane Sandy known as Occupy Sandy. He has provided logistical support for groups fighting for racial justice such as SURJ, Ferguson Action, and Movement for Black Lives. In April of 2015, he began work as one of the core members of People for Bernie with whom he worked through July.

rabbit-profileChris Burton is an activist located in Southern Maryland.  He has been working in electoral politics off and on since 2006 when he volunteered in campaigns to elect progressives to local office.  He briefly attended Occupy Wall Street in 2011 and protested in 2013 to stop Dominion Energy from expanding Cove Point Natural Gas Terminal in Lusby, MD.  When not shouting at All In with Chris Hayes and The Rachel Maddow Show, he and his wife are raising twin boys and a daughter.

Shepard Fully employed, husband and father of 3 beautiful children.  Education in business and public health. Student of Christian Anarchism and social/political gradualism.  Involved in Occupy Philadelphia, with specific involvement in Interfaith and Money Out of Politics Working Groups.  Lead Organizer for Rootstrikers and local organizer for Philly Rootstrikers, which created a MOP Coalition in Philadelphia.  Developed with Rootstrikers the Republic Lost Study Guide and many of their national actions.  Lead organizer for getting  a Phila. City Council Resolution passed to overturn CU and get money out of politics, multiple CU anniversary events, McCutcheon Case actions, Worldwide Wave of Action march and festival, March Against Corruption actions, city ballot question initiative, and other multi-issue events/actions.  Met with politicians at all levels and all venues. Member of 99 Rise, and logistics coordinator for Democracy Spring.  Organizer for PA United to Amend(PA WolfPAC).

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