About The People’s Revolution

Find out more about The People’s Convention July 23rd, 2016 in Philadelphia

This moment is too important to leave up to the political class.

Americans engage in political dialogue at the dinner table, in the workplace, and on social media every day. Despite our differences of opinion, there is much that unites us.

Now, more than ever, a majority of us embrace the inherent value and equality of every person. We reject oppression, decry violence, and fight back against the destruction of the planet.

Despite this agreement around issues like climate, inequality and getting money out of politics, our leaders remain disconnected from their constituents. The result is a population alienated from the political process.

We have much to say, but have been ignored. Now is the time for us to build the infrastructure and tools to come together, to harness our collective political power, and be heard.

The People’s Revolution is the next step in democratic politics.

The People’s Revolution is an organization building new models of political engagement that will revolutionize the power of the people to come together and work for change. Using participatory processes we are bringing together individuals and grassroots organizations to create an inclusive shared agenda called The People’s Platform.

We will meet in Philadelphia on July 23rd at an event called The People’s Convention, to ratify the initial planks of our People’s Platform and to build cohesion and capacity within the movement. Our goals for the event are to build a sustainable and coordinated grassroots movement, working together to influence political decisions through electoral action, advocacy, and activism.

TPR is a volunteer-driven, people-powered organization. Our approach to organizing and coalition-building is open, inclusive, and representative. To achieve this, we employ a variety of technologies that enable participants at all levels to access internal deliberations and participate directly.

Our actions and decisions are guided by a set of core principles. These principles focus our efforts and facilitate positive and constructive interactions. They include:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Intersectionality
  • Patience
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Commitment to the Group
  • Sustainability
  • Self Empowerment
  • Active Participation
  • Cooperation
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Non-violence

The People’s Platform is a blueprint for the future.

The People’s Platform is a policy framework drafted by a range of grassroots organizations working together collaboratively. It outlines our political priorities, positions, and values. The Platform serves as a blueprint of our shared vision for a better world and forms the foundation for future collective action.

Our goal is to use our coalition and platform to focus attention on key issues, and forge constructive and collaborative partnerships with elected officials, government agencies, and other advocacy groups. The platform is also a mechanism which places demands on our elected officials and holds them accountable at the ballot box and on the street.

The Platform creation process is intended to allow people to take an active role in their own governance, and work together to produce a document that represents the collective will of all parties involved.
Overview of The People’s Platform Drafting Process

1. Identify and vote on priority issues

On May 1st, we opened up voting on a list of issues which would be included in the first iteration of The People’s Platform. The result of almost 800 people voting for their top three issues were selected as the first set of platform planks:

• Getting Big Money Out of Politics
• Racial Justice
• Electoral Reform
• A Living Wage
• Income and Wealth Inequality
• Free College and Student Debt Relief
• Climate Justice
• Healthcare for All

It is important to emphasize that this is the first stage of the drafting process. We fully intend to add additional platform planks in the coming months. If your top issue is not represented, we highly encourage you to join with us and help to recruit those people who represent your point of view. As we gain more participants, The People’s Platform will become increasingly representative and our movement will grow in its capacity to effect change.

2. Draft prospective platform planks

Grassroots organizations and activists who specialize in the above-mentioned issue areas are drafting and submitting each platform plank. If you are interested in submitting material for a plank, please contact jack@thepeoplesrevolution.org. You can also review existing planks at https://thepeoplesrevolution.org/platform/.

3. Publish prospective platform planks

On June 30th, we are posting all prospective planks to our website for public comment and review. More information on that process is coming soon…

4. Ratify each prospective plank through a vote

Participants will vote to ratify each of the prospective planks to The People’s Platform on July 23rd. This ratification process will be available to participate in either remotely or in-person at The People’s Convention in Philadelphia.

The People’s Convention is the launchpad for change.

The People’s Convention will be held on July 23rd in Philadelphia and is open to the public. A major goal of this meeting is to ratify The People’s Platform.

The Convention is an opportunity to meet in-person and via livestream to discuss the issues that matter to us and to develop an agenda for the future. Ratification of the The People’s Platform is a strong signal of our priorities. We will rally around this document to demand bold change toward a more peaceful, productive, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable America.

The second goal of the Convention is lay the groundwork for a national grassroots movement.

Using facilitated discussion we are providing space for individuals, organizers, and grassroots organizations to propose concrete strategies for future organizing and a national organizing infrastructure.

We will have space for individuals, organizers, and grassroots organizations to network and strengthen relationships for future partnerships and expansion.


The time for taking baby steps is over. Climate catastrophe is looming, wealth and income inequality is growing and after hundreds of years our society still can not guarantee equality for people of color. Those who call themselves our representatives have lost their legitimacy and the people are ready to take their power back. Let’s organize for a future we can believe in.

We need your participation. Please donate, sign up to volunteer and spread the message that democracy is coming to the USA.

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