A More Perfect Union

All together nowWe the people, in order to form a more perfect union…

The United States doesn’t feel so unified right now. Frustration and anger are boiling over into violence. Scenes of people yelling at and beating each other have become so frequent that they hardly phase us anymore. What we’ve forgotten is that we, the people, are on the same team. The only way forward is for us to work together.

We have been carved up in this country into factions and special interests with a very narrow focus, and we’ve been told that everyone else is the enemy. Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, Christians…we’ve been reduced to labels that compartmentalize us, as if there is no overlap. As if you can’t be a liberal Muslim, or a conservative African American, or a liberal-leaning Republican or a conservative-leaning Democrat. Media have established these labels to make us easier to analyze and talk about, and politicians pit us against each other. We’ve become “voting blocs,” as if your skin color or your religion will cause you to predictably fall in line in a certain way. But the truth is, we are much more complicated than that, and there is only one label that matters: People.

We are people who love this country and are sad about the divisiveness and hatred that is dominating the conversation. We are people heartbroken about the broken democracy we live in. We are people tired of electing politicians who promise so much and deliver so little.

We are people.

As people, we can find agreement on some basic principles.

In that agreement, we have unity.

In that unity, we have power.

Welcome to The People’s Revolution. This is an omnipartisan organization of people from all political persuasions. Ours is a big tent. We invite you to come on in, meet your fellow people and help us establish the common ground upon which this country can finally move forward toward a brighter future.

We are in the process of establishing the People’s Platform, which will be a short list of issues that we can all agree should be prioritized by our elected officials. The People’s Platform will send a strong and clear message to politicians that if they want our votes, they must agree to champion our causes in Washington. Our “lawmakers” need to go about the business of “making laws” by being servants of the people, not the donors, the lobbyists, the corporations.

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